Swim / Snorkel with Seals

About Us

Seal & Lagoon tours run between March and October. On the trip we visit a very special lagoon, well protected from the wind and one of the sunniest places in the UK. The water here is crystal clear, unpolluted Atlantic Ocean with a white shell sand beach, surrounded by fringing kelp forest reefs. This marine paradise holds a large resident seal colony which we snorkel with, holding both the common/harbour seal and its’ bigger cousin the grey seal. Usually when we turn up, there are many seals that swim around the boat, just coming over to say hello. Once we all get in the water then play time begins, with all the seals zooming around us! They are perfectly adapted to the environment, unlike us who need wetsuits to stay warm and fins to be able to move around in the water. This tour is suitable for passengers wanting to swim, kayak, SUP or just relax and soak up the beautiful environment. The water clarity is some of the best we’ve seen in Scotland and is only a few metres deep. This means no need for heavy dive gear or qualifications as everything can be seen from the surface.

With the clarity, shelter, abundant marine life and shallow depth, it’s perfect for beginners however experienced guests will be equally blown away by this place.

Kids really enjoy this trip with lots of stops and activities to keep them interested throughout the day, making it perfect for all the family. With lots to discover above and below the waves, it’s also a great way to introduce them to the marine environment.

Please see here for a gallery of images from the tour.


Activity options at the lagoon include the following!

i) Snorkel / Swim with Seals

ii) Kayak

iii) SUP (stand up paddle board)

iv) relax and watch wildlife from the comfort of the boat